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High TPS (Transactions per second)

The higher the TPS, the better the trading experience. Our white label exchange software boasts of incredible performance, processing up to 8000 transactions per second.

Powerful Trade Engine

Our trade engine matches buy and sell orders with minimum latency. It has built-in order types for market order, limit order and stop order, which are essential for a crypto trading system.

Hot Wallet

Our exchange includes multi-cryptocurrency wallets (multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet) that allow secure storage and smooth transactions for a spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-layer Security

We leverage advanced security solutions like SSL implementation and two factor authentication for additional login security, encrypted user access, and automatic limits for fund withdrawal.

Market Maker

In a scenario when a buyer is unable to get the appropriate seller, our low-latency trading engine optimized for market making accelerates order processing and enhances the overall trading experience.


Geography-based KYC/AML comes into effect for user identity verification when it comes to withdrawing a large amount of cryptocurrencies from the exchange’s hot wallet.

Multi-Language Support

We offer multi-language support to increase the global reach of your cryptocurrency exchange. The system’s UI provides Compatibility of major South East Asian Countries like Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Trade. Anywhere.

Place your orders faster with our Android and iOS apps. Stay connected with the market orders, dynamic pricing layouts and prospective profit or loss impacts on your account.

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